Tips For Getting Work Ready To Send Out Into The World

Tips for getting writing ready to send out into the world

1. Get your work to a place where you are happy for others to read it.

2. Send out to a trusted circle – ideally, a feedback group. If you are writing a novel, feedback from an experienced editor or editorial assessment service such as The Literary Consultancy ( may help. The Internet Writing Workshop is a feedback group that works by email:

3. Decide which feedback you will take on board and make amendments or rewrite.

4. Research and decide where you’d like to send your work – this is likely to be the best fit for your story. Read other competition winner stories or back issues of the magazine. If you enjoy what you read and feel as if your work might fit in, it’s likely to be a good bet.

5. Read the guidelines:

– If you have a novel, research agents in the Writers and Artists Yearbook. Look at their websites for submission guidelines – maximum word count, whether they want work posted or emailed, whether there are dates for submission. Follow them to the letter.

– Find out how the competition, magazine or agent would like the work presented (double spaced, font size, name on page?) and whether they are happy for you to submit to other publishers at the same time – often not.

6. Keep a note of what you’ve sent where and the outcome.

7. Be patient – they get a lot of submissions and will usually give guidelines on when you can expect a response.

8. If your writing isn’t accepted, take a moment to review your story and send it out again somewhere else. Stay positive. Write more, send out more. Aim for 100 rejections.

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