Poem: Stone Dances With Water

Working with the elements and second person from the point of view of a stone:

Stone dances with water

You fill your pockets with us.
You throw one after the other at a tin can.
The tin can falls.
I am still there.

You walk on the seabed ridges glimmer red,
and stand at the edge of the ocean.
You watch the black dot birds swarm over West Pier.
You see it blacken as Palace Pier flashes alive.

The fading sun warms one arm, the breeze cools the other.
You breathe salt air, and hold me in your pocket.
I am rounded with age, dove grey
and I fit
just right in your palm.

You watch the sandcastle flood and sink a toe in the turret.
Sand swirls with sea, water laps your ankles.
You throw me high.
I dance in the air and you catch me,
hold me safe.
You toss me from one hand to the other,
then hold me still, between finger and thumb.

You drop me.
I dance with water.

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