How to get the life you want

Five steps to success, yours for the taking.
Have it all – friends, fun,
passionate work paying plenty.
Make space for love. Husband-shaped. 

Step one – spear. Savouring his mortal death
we sharpened, sanded, shone
a poison-spiked, long, true shaft
while church bells chimed, twelve moons passed.

Step two – billy goat. Corralling, herding
I ran those knobbly hills. 
One jumped at me, chestnut eyes.
Tied to a tree, grazing, waiting.

Step three – shiny tin bath. Hauled, heaved
to the riverside bank
Slipping, sliding, buckets
sloshed steamy water to the brim.

Step four – woven roof. Twisted, plaited
watertight, arched, thatched roof.
Knocked up shelter for a bather
and goat, slurping while it can.

Step five – stand right. Leg on goat, leg on bath.
Husband did it. Fair play.
Spear spun from my lover’s hand
whistled wild, pierced his chest. 

No more steps, that’s it. Job done. And yet why
was my meadowsweet heart 
ripped by his bald eagle screams?
Shrieking soared gunmetal sky.

King of blue beyond, he still rules with
hooked talons, dagger beak
devastating gliding wings. 
Where’s the life I wanted?


Thanks to Sarah Bell from @spoiltvictoriannchild for the images, inspiration and collaboration.