Into the woods that day

You followed me into the woods that day
let down the drawbridge to your heart.
Laughed with me for the first time
told stories of your travels, 
of sailing with Gwydion 
in a ship made of seaweed and leather.

I led you deeper into the woods that day
away from towering castle walls
to oak shadows, lights of fairy glen
meadowsweet mist carpet,
woodpecker echo, sunshine
warming creaking bark.

You pulled me close in the woods that day
told me new air swam around my body.
I put my fingers on your lips
threaded them through your hair.
Stones tumbled, leaving your
throbbing heart exposed. 

You lost yourself in the woods that day
beneath whispering wind, scuffling squirrels, 
darkening clouds, drops of rain.
Saying I couldn’t live without you,
I plucked your secrets, gathered a bunch
singled one out as my weapon.


Thanks to Sarah Bell from @spoiltvictoriannchild for the images, inspiration and collaboration.