Girl in front of waves

Freedom Renga

dancing around the fire
singing loudly at the moon
run swiftly through the rain

laughing at my carefree life
loving all the joy it brings

refreshingly unlike reality
away from the noise I find you
in the quiet place waiting

my snake curling tree trunk from
forest, hear hiss, slither, smooch

white sail against sky
blows blue wind wild waves sing high
boat bobs, dives, reaches out

spray splashes wooden deck
salt air licks the sailor’s cheeks

surrounded by blue
endless blue sky and ocean
not a cloud is seen

tide rushes, small waves break
on sand, the day nears its end

sunshine chases clouds
condors soar over mountains
children dance below

green grass is lush and fresh
birds sing softly to the sea

boy and girl hold hands
together walking by the waves
their footprints in the sand

sea is constant – ebbs and flows
air smells fresh and warming

fantasies fly by
optimism rises
colours burst forth absolutely

rainbow bright, lighting up field
mud, tents, music, bubbles burst

rhythms lift the crowd
hearts beat in time with the band
dancing with no rules

nothing else matters but electric music
pulsing through my skin

free as air is free
free as breath I breathe each day
filled with lasting life

free to face it all
each day fills me with new life

like green snowdrop shoots
bursting through dark winter soil
greeting hopping robins

singing joyous songs of spring
proclaiming new beginnings

howling rain surrounds
the storm is magnificent
the rain is cleansing

water water everywhere
muddy puddles on the ground

wind in trees moaning
clouds racing in the sky
umbrellas abundant

i do not shelter from the rain
it gives me precious freedom

walking through the trees
the dappled sun shines through
the peace of a spring day

broken only by birdsong
as I wander on my way

lucky are the folk
living out this life so free
free as nature’s gifts

but then I realise they are there too
for me, stepping fearlessly, FREE.

Written by the Becoming A Writer creative writing group for beginners for National Poetry Day.

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

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