Flowers Out Of Dark: Five Steps To True Love

He’s a keeper alright, so hold on tight.
Let nothing stand in your way.
It’s simple, just follow the plan
Make space for love. Husband-shaped.

Step one – spear. Savour his mortal death
sharpen, sand, shine poison-spiked
spear with long, true shaft
for twelve moons while church bells chime.

Step two – billy goat. Run those knobbly hills
to find a herd of goats.
pick one with a strong back.
Tie to a tree, let it graze, wait.

Step three – shiny tin bath. Haul, heave
to the riverside bank
Slipping, sliding, sloshing
fill buckets with steamy water to the brim.

Step four – woven roof. Twisted, plaited
watertight, arched, thatched roof.
Knock up shelter for a bather
and goat, slurping while it can.

Step five – stand right. Husband to balance
leg on goat, leg on bath.
Send spear spinning from your lover’s hand
whistling wild to pierce his chest.

Together at last your lover and you.
Follow your passion with a plan, then
listen to harp, lute, lyre
and dance, whirl, float until light.

Written by Mel Parks in collaboration with Sarah Bell from @spoiltvictoriannchild. Image by Pam Tinning.

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