Copywriting: Children’s Centre Leader

People who meet me through creative writing workshops ask what else I do. How do I make this writing thing pay? How have I managed to be freelance for more than 10 years? I keep my work varied is the answer and I’m constantly learning, keeping up to date and teaching myself new skills related to writing. One day I’m planning writing exercises and gathering resources for workshops, the next I’m at my computer copywriting, editing and updating websites.

One of my regular jobs is editor of Children’s Centre Leader. I liaise with contributors, edit their submissions, layout the journal in InDesign, optimise photos in Photoshop and write little pieces around the main articles. Once everyone has approved the edition and I’ve uploaded it onto the website, I write, design and send out an email newsletter to children’s centres and early help professionals across the country. Then, I publish the individual articles on the Children’s Centre Leader Medium channel and create a range of social media posts and load up Buffer to share them for me.

This job requires me to do so many different tasks that are not exactly writing but are useful for writers to know. More and more I’m asked to edit, write and update websites directly in whichever content management system the client uses. Gone are the days when I did everything in Word. But it all keeps my work relevant and using skills that other people need, skills that I can sell as services to businesses and other organisations.

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