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Writer’s Notebook: Butterfly

Butterfly I watch a butterfly die in the corner where the window frame meets the sill. Dark green specks of mould against peeling red paint. I hug my knees closer to my chest. Its wings shiver and puff and flicker against the glass pane. As the breeze of blue and shock of yellow rise and …

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Girl looking at sun

Writer’s Notebook: If The Rain Never Fell Again

This is one from the archives; something I wrote at Andie Lewenstein’s creative writing class so many years ago. I thought about punctuating it properly before posting here, but decided to leave it the way I wrote it – fast and furious. It feels relevant today in this heat, although I hear rain may be on …

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heart concrete poetry

Writing Exercise: What Warms Your Heart?

I used this writing exercise in my recent body-inspired creative writing workshops in the bookshop. Set your timer for 10 minutes and write freely to the prompt – what warms your heart? Don’t think about what you write too much, don’t worry about spelling and grammar and follow your train of thought wherever it leads you. Then, …

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Writer’s Notebook: Cape Cod Evening

I wrote this poem at a workshop in response to Cape Cod Evening, 1939 by Edward Hopper. Cape Cod evening Night blue soaked the trees like ink. The sun left traces on the whispering grass kneelength. He didn’t come home that night or any night. Night blue soaked her body like the trees. Face lost. The …

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Writer’s Notebook: His Heart

My heart beats as I think of his heart. His heart that’s not working so well any more as he lies there in hospital waiting. He’s waiting and we’re waiting for someone else’s heart; a stranger’s heart. My heart goes out to his family who’ve agreed at a time of pain that the heart can …

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Copywriting: Children’s Centre Leader

People who meet me through creative writing workshops ask what else I do. How do I make this writing thing pay? How have I managed to be freelance for more than 10 years? I keep my work varied is the answer and I’m constantly learning, keeping up to date and teaching myself new skills related to …

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